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franchise iconSocial media has become a massive business tool in the past few years. There has been a very significant increase in the number of small business owners using social media to market their businesses. It has evened out the playing field since franchises had a vast market share before the social media era and are now under a lot of competition from the small businesses. Due to this, franchises have embarked on using social media to market their businesses. We will discuss below some of the social media strategies to help a franchise outperform their competition;

Engage With Your Customers.

You have only accomplished half of your goal by knowing your customers. The other half entails engaging with them. You have to build a relationship with them if you want them to pick your franchise over your competitors. An example of doing this is by replying to their social media concerns and queries promptly. Try not to keep them waiting for more than a day since they will feel that their needs are ignored. Apologize for any mistakes in their purchase or any complaints they may have and find a way to make them happy.

Have Incentives And Offers.

An excellent method of gaining followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is by having offers and coupons available to the audience. People are more intrigued by pages that have fantastic deals for their followers and will also invite their friends to like the particular pages. You can do this by posting about it and giving clear instructions on how to win and ensure that it involves tagging some people on the post. Another incentive would be to grant these fantastic offers to people promoting your pages. It would surely give them morale and make them work even harder towards your goal as a franchise.

Use Multimedia.

It is beneficial since more people are intrigued to watch a video than read some paragraphs on a particular topic. Use of multimedia along all platforms would be significant for example; you could have customer success stories on your franchise facebook page. People would view it and also share it with their other platforms which would be a plus for you. Product reviews, instructional videos, and photos could also be shared. It is a perfect way of engaging with your audience.

Get Involved In The Community.

What better way to gain awareness and have leads on a local and international level than to participate in the community? You can start by sponsoring community games and sports. It would be an excellent opportunity to enlarge your market and services since people will get to know about your franchise and what you deal with and tweet about it or post on their social media platforms. Partnering with other businesses for promotions is also a perfect idea. It is a win-win situation for both franchises. Engaging in the community allows you to connect with them on a personal level. They can also give you product reviews and also provide you with advice on how to improve the quality of your products.

In this era of social media marketing, competition can come from all sides and angles. It is therefore prudent to upgrade your skills and use social media effectively to keep and grow your customer base.

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