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best spa franchises Facials, Skin & Body Treatments in Hollywood & Hallandale

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The industry of massage has over the years become a thriving business within the USA, and the entrepreneurs who are looking to buy into this business concept are offered with a solid and reputable list they can choose from. Here is a list of the top 10 massage franchises to consider.

The original concept within this industry very soon after the new millennium dawned was based on providing massage therapy in the form of a subscription linked to a monthly fee which offers clients a single massage (or other associated services) every month. The majority of the franchises featured on this list followed this concept in offering some form of a membership plan.

While the exact details may vary from one company to the next, the trend for these memberships are based on short-term agreements, usually on a month-to-month basis that can typically be cancelled easily. These memberships are also associated with a number of benefits. The model for monthly memberships is the boon to the franchisees due to its ability to guarantee monthly recurring revenues.

Today the industry of massage therapy is worth over $12 billion in the U.S and the amount of people who obtain massages once yearly or more continues to expand, which is estimated currently at around 50 million people.

Below is our list of the top-rated massage franchises for 2018:

1. Massage Envy

One of the earlier pioneers for the franchised massage-services, Massage Envy is to date the largest chain in this industry in the U.S. Over and above massage services, this business also provides Streto which involves a customized, assisted stretch-service with the focus of relaxing your mind, while stretching the body, along with facials. Their membership program is inclusive of 1 monthly facial, or 1-hour massage, members pricing for the additional services, various discounts on a membership for a family member, sharing or rollover of an unused session, as well as free massage sessions when members refer friends. Established in the year 2002, the location numbers have steadily grown over the last decade from 334 in the year 2007, to 1,189 with 2 franchises based outside of the U.S.

2. Hand And Stone Massage And Facial Spa

This business offers hair removal, facials, massage along with several add-ons such as scalp massage, hot-towel treatments, aromatherapy, cold-stone facials, along with more. They also offer a Healthy Lifestyle Program which is a monthly membership that members can use for a signature facial, a 1-hour massage and also includes membership prices on their gift-card purchases, other services and an enrollment into their member-rewards program. This offers a way to pay 1/3 less in comparison to the non-members. Established in 2004, and since 2006 franchising, the locations have grown fast over the last decade with just 12 in the year 2007 to 326 in 2018, with 23 located outside of the U.S and 1 is company-owned.

3. Elements Massage

This franchise made the choice to focus on a single service and to master it, which is of course massage. But this is not just your average massage, this chain focuses specifically on personalized and handcrafted therapeutic massage that addresses the specific needs of their clients. They are extremely proud of their scores on high customer-satisfaction, they guarantee complete satisfaction and back up this claim by offering free massages to any client that leaves their session unhappy. Their Elements Wellness Program offers a month-to-month massage subscription with a 30-day notice for those who want to cancel. If a session is missed it will roll-over into the following month free from any additional charges. This business was first founded in the year 2001 and started to franchise in 2006. There locations have expanded from 11 in the year 2007, to a current-total of 239, with 1 which falls outside of the U.S.

4. Massage Heights

The franchise known as Massage Heights offers facials and massages along with many add-ons that includes therapeutic aromatherapy. Their Lifestyle Programs offer customized memberships which are inclusive of free aromatherapy, automatic roll-over for any unused sessions, 50% off the non-member prices on other services, and a loyalty-program points. The military personnel that are active are offered with special discounts on their memberships, along with corporate memberships. Established in 2004, Massage Heights started franchising in 2005. There location over the last 10 years have grown from 11 in the year 2007 to 149, with 5 of these companies which are company-owned, and 13 which fall outside the U.S.

The Franchises With An Average Profit Of At Least $100,000

5. Massage Green Spa

This business specializes in therapeutic massages, with some locations offering infrared sauna-sessions and facials. These businesses are regarded as eco-friendly in association to the buildings they have constructed along with products that they use. Their monthly Wellness Plan Membership offers clients a 1-hour full-body massage monthly along with various discounts on added massages. The membership is also applicable for sauna and facials for the salons that offers these services, along with combo-plans for a number of services. In the last 5 years, the location have grown from only 6 in 2011 to an impressive 82, with 32 of which are company-owned.

6. The Woodhouse Day Spa

This business is focused on rejuvenation and relaxation, which is the reason why every client is given reflexology sandals and a robe as they arrive, where they get to wait in a Quite Room with a loose-leaf tea before enjoying various spa services such as body treatments, massage, pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing and more This chain has positioned itself as affordable and approachable luxury. At the core of this model is The 99 Elements of The Woodhouse Experience which ensures that there are consistent spa-experiences for all locations and their customers. Established in the year 2001, today the company website has listed 60 locations, which are scattered across 20 states.

7. LaVida Massage

This chain of popular wellness centers provides customized therapeutic-massage that accommodates the whole family. Many of the locations offer modern skincare services which includes facials, waxing and peels. The Member Benefits Program offer a 25% on monthly massages along with different benefits like their rewards points that can be used towards services or fee products, along with impressive discounts on their other services, products and more. Established in 2007, this company started franchising immediately and today offers 57 locations with all of them based in the U.S.

8. MassageLuxe

This franchise specializes in massage, waxing and facial services in environments that are relaxing and luxurious for their guests. It provides 3 membership levels with no long-term or contract commitments. Every membership is inclusive of a 15-minute daily and unlimited HydroLuXe dry-water massage. Every month-to-month membership can be canceled when ever the client wants to by either certified letter or in person. The membership sessions roll-over from month-to-month provided the membership is active and paid up. Founded in the year 2008, this company also started franchising immediately and today there are 47 locations to choose from, with 5 that are company-owned.

9. Spavia Day Spa

This is a franchise that offers body treatments, facials, massage, sunless tanning, eyelash extensions, mineral make-up applications and lessons. They have a focus on offering luxurious spa experiences at affordable prices. This is an eco-friendly company and is dedicated to paraben-free, natural and organic products, energy conservation and natural services. It provides a 3-tier monthly-membership levels that best serve their clients. The locations have grown from just 3 in 2012 onto a current total amount of 22, with one which is company-owned.

10. Massage Retreat And Spa

The company known as Massage Retreat and Spa offers massage along with various spa-services provided by professional and licensed therapists in upscale environments. Over and above massage, the other services on offer include eyelash/eyebrow tinting, waxing and facials. The massage therapy sessions offer enhancements for a small fee using add-ons like cold-stone therapy, hot-towel therapy, mango foot-scrub, deep-muscle relief and aromatherapy. There month-to-month membership program which requires a 30-day notice for cancellation includes a 1-hour massage session or a customized facial or discounts on all their other services. Established in 2007, today there are 7 locations, with 6 that are company-owned, around Minnesota and Minneapolis, with this chain looking to grow.


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