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When you decide to go into the spa business for yourself, you will often have a lot of questions to ask, but one thing that you need to know is what kind of services can I offer to my clients? Well, that is a good question and when you are running a franchise type of business you will want to make sure you are within that businesses scope of what they offer. That way you will have a set style of guidelines to follow on what to offer, but also know more about how you can specialize in the services that you are offering. Then you can finally have a great business that is going to have a steady client base that will need your help.

Learn about our franchise services here:

Permanent Makeup

Now, you may be wary of this, but you need to realize it is actually a revolutionary way of applying makeup and actually is done in a manner that is very safe for everyone involved. The methods that it is going to use is actually very easy to understand as well, which helps the wearer of the makeup feel even better about getting it applied to their body. The main location this will be applied to is obviously going to be the face. However, what you will find is this method will be one that you should only have to do a few times.

The method that is used is taking natural pigments from skin and injecting it into the dermal layer. This will allow the skin color to take on the color of the pigments that was injected and this will make the look last longer. This can give people the great look they want to have, but can also allow them to have some of the coverage over items like a scar, bad acne, or even the horrible time they got a great idea to use a razor on their eyebrows and messed up the color of them.

The common areas you will seen this type of makeup used is for an eye liner, lip liner, or a touchup on either one of those two spots. You may notice that this will be used in some spots as an eyebrow enhancer. So this will make this one of those services you will really like to offer because it can make a dramatic improvement for people in the way they look, but it also reduces down the time it will take for them to get ready for work in the morning.

Laser Treatment

By now you have probably heard that laser treatments are all the rage. These are because it takes out the pain that people would normally experience when they wax, but also reduces how often people have to shave. At ComplexCity Spa you will find this is one of the main earmarks of service that can help people out.

You will notice that our laser treatments that are available tend to be a lot more advanced and that is because our lasers are the gold standard for beauty care. In fact, we even offer treatments that are meant to remove tattoos of various sizes and shapes. So if your clients had the drunken night in college and woke up with a tattoo it can finally be removed with the treatment that we offer here. Not to mention, the laser hair removal that is offered is going to allow you to have clients that will come back time and time again because the treatment is not nearly as painful as what they may have experienced at the other locations.

Skin Care

Face it, everyone wants to have beautiful looking skin. This can come in multiple forms for different people. However, getting a chance to keep the skin looking great is key for people to feel better about themselves and what they are doing. So people will want to make sure they know that one of the key points you can offer them is the highest level of skin care possible.

The care that you offer for the skin will come in a variety of forms. What is even better is you will have the chance to work one on one with the clients to custom tailor the skin care plan to their needs. So you will be able to provide the best level of service to your customers and know they will be satisfied. What is really nice is even as customers want to hold onto their youth, you will have the chance to help them with the anti-aging care package you have available to offer. So you will not have to be concerned about your clients being disappointed or even worse starting to look older because of the treatment not working as the treatment you offer will be the top of the line and has been shown to work on people.

Body Treatments

These treatments you will be able to offer your clients will be done with the latest technology and research that is available. You will find the treatments are the ones that we have used for years and seen them work on our clients at ComplexCity Spa, but know they will work on your clients as well. What is really nice is we use only the latest technology as well, which makes it easier for you to know that you are going to get the results you want to have for your clients and know these results will not hurt your clients.

A good example of the technology that we ofer is the stretch mark revmoval. While this technology may seem a litle odd, if you look at some body builders or women who have had multiple kids you will see they have stretch marks. This tends to be very depressing as they know their body is not perfect anymore. With our treatmennt that we have you will be able to offer a solution to your clients for their stretch marks. You can even offer to do a large area stretch mark removal that will allow your clients to feel comfortable again in their skin and know they will look great once again.

What else goes in hand with stretch marks? Well, if you have had any kids or worked out and then stopped you know it is the flabby skin. This excess skin comes with the loss of the tone of the muscles or the reduction in the fat that it had stretched out for. Well, the excess skin can be unsightly and according to some it is downright gross. So you will like the fact that you can not only offer the stretch mark removal treatment, but also have a chance to offer your clients a skin tightening treatment as well so they will not have the loose skin.

Owning your own ComplexCity Spa Franchise can be very exciting. Not only will you have the interaction with the customers on a daily basis, some of whom will become very good friends, you will also start to get the chance to offer the top of the line services. Some of those services we have mentioned here, but you will find other services do exist more in depth off of the general services. The article highlights some of the best services for your clients, but even then you will find that you have so much to offer your clients that you will quickly be inunudated with more work than what you could ever imagine getting beforehand and it is all because you are a ComplexCity Spa Franchisee.

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