ComplexCity Spa

Provides the most innovative and advanced skin care and body treatments. Our prime focus is to service our costumers with the latest cutting-edge treatments and therapies available. ComplexCity Spa is centrally located in Hollywood, FL for all of your skin care needs.

Hallandale Beach

600-3 W Hallandale Beach Blvd
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 314-8898

Skin Care

We provide a series of skin care treatments specifically designed to meet individual concerns and needs.

Body Treatments

ComplexCity Spa body treatments are done with the most advanced technologies to reduce imperfections.

Laser Treatments

Our safe, gold standard laser treatments provide great results and less recovery time than ever before.

Permanent Makeup

The art of permanent makeup at CompexCity Spa enhances facial features in natural and subtle ways.

Skin Care Products

At ComplexCity Spa we provide the most high tech and advanced skin care products.

2 Oakwood Blvd. #190, Suite 43
Hollywood, FL 33020


ComplexCity Spa provides the most innovative and advanced skin care and body treatments. Our prime focus is to service our customers with the latest cutting-edge treatments and therapies available.

Enjoy Stretch Mark Removal Services In Hallandale Beach Florida

Stretch Mark Removal In Hallandale Beach, FL By Makes For A Great Vacation Excuse Getting up there in age and going through weight fluctuations can take their toll on your body, including leaving stretch marks. These can be worse for women than men, but both genders can suffer from them. You might actually enjoy the reasons why you got them, be it giving birth to a child you love, or just losing a lot of weight because you love yourself. However, while some love their stretch marks and call them 'battle scars' or trophies of some kind, the truth is that you don't have to put with them forever. It is possible to get rid of them. However, the question is where? You likely have options for stretch removal in your local community, and there is certainly a convenience to that. It's close, and it might even be with a doctor you know or just someone he or she personally recommends. Then again, you could also bump into people you know on the way there or back, or even while in the office or clinic. You might just prefer having some privacy about this matter so no one knows that you're doing it. You know full well that there will be those that would tell you that you're being vain and wasting money, even though what you do with your body is really no one else's business but your own. Another option is taking advantage of what is now known as 'medical tourism', which is getting medical or health work done in another city, state, or even country. If you'd like to get stretch mark removal done, then you should consider heading to Hallandale Beach in Florida to see what ComplexCitySpa can do for you. Not only will you have the privacy of being far from home, but you might also just find the costs and prices down here are a lot lower than what you would pay back home. For that matter, you can even work your stretch removal work into a vacation to the Sunshine State. With hundreds of miles of beaches and warm weather most of the year, it's a great state to visit on a vacation. The coast isn't all there is to do either, as inland options can include touring the Everglades, visiting SeaWorld, or heading to Disney. Florida is also a major hub for cruise ship activity too, with multiple cities serving as departure points for cruise ships crisscrossing the Carribean and beyond.
Complex City Spa

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