VIP Refresh Oxygen - Mini Facial

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Service Description

Jet Clear, Microdermabrasion (30 Minutes)
The VIP Refresh Oxygen – Mini Facial is an all-natural, virtually painless, skin treatment that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin, providing beautiful results. Depending on your skin’s needs, the Refresh Oxygen – Mini Facial treatments are usually performed in a series of sessions. Treatments are usually performed every 7-14 days. These treatments have proven to be very helpful in maintaining a client’s skin clarity and “luster”. Right after the treatment, your skin will feel amazingly smooth and clean without any downtime.

Products Recommendation:
Rose Hip Seed Cleanser, Apple Stem Cell Serum, Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer, Edelweiss Stem Cell Moisturizer, Tinted Sunblock Moisturizer.

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Best for:

  • Smooth Skin 100% 100%
  • Clean Skin 95% 95%
  • Fresh Skin 95% 95%

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