VIP Serum Infused Skin Tightening Treatment

Price: $160

Regular Price: $250

Service Description

Jet Clear, Salicylic Acid, Microdermabrasion, RF/LED/Microcurrent, Bio Placenta, Apple Stem Cell Serum, and Dragon’s Blood Gel Serum Infusion, 24K Gold Mask and Microcurrent. (60 minutes)
The VIP Serum Infused Skin Tightening Treatment is a good introduction for people that want to start an anti-aging treatment plan. The well thought out treatment combination will get rid of impurities, help to build collagen to tighten your skin and create an unmistakable glow that people will notice right away. This facial is good for younger people as well who want to slow down aging. It’s recommended to do every 2 to 3 weeks to build collagen. The results will be obvious after the 1st treatment. In combination with the right products, great improvements will be seen progressively.

Products Recommendation:
Rose Hip Seed Cleanser, Bio Placenta, Apple Stem Cell Serum, Vitamin C 20% VE & H, Dragon’s Blood Gel, Edelweiss Stem Cell Moisturizer, Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer, 2.5% Retinol Moisturizer, HQRA + Cream, Tinted Sunblock Moisturizer.

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Best for:

  • Reduce Fine Lines 95%
  • Build Skin Elasticity 95%
  • Produce Collagen 85%
  • Skin Tightening 85%
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