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ComplexCity Spa

Provides the most innovative and advanced skin care and body treatments. Our prime focus is to service our costumers with the latest cutting-edge treatments and therapies available. ComplexCity Spa is centrally located in Hollywood, FL for all of your skin care needs.

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Skin Care

We provide a series of skin care treatments specifically designed to meet individual concerns and needs.

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Body Treatments

ComplexCity Spa body treatments are done with the most advanced technologies to reduce imperfections.

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Laser Treatments

Our safe, gold standard laser treatments provide great results and less recovery time than ever before.

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Permanent Makeup

The art of permanent makeup at CompexCity Spa enhances facial features in natural and subtle ways.

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Skin Care Products

At ComplexCity Spa we provide the most high tech and advanced skin care products.

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2 Oakwood Blvd. #190, Suite 43
Hollywood, FL 33020


ComplexCity Spa provides the most innovative and advanced skin care and body treatments. Our prime focus is to service our costumers with the latest cutting-edge treatments and therapies available.

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Body Treatments: Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

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Laser Hair Removal Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Cellulite Removal Treatment Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Body Slimming Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Stretch Mark Removal Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

What You Should Know About ComplexCity Spa’s Services

If you are in Hollywood Florida, and you are looking for the best spa services, you should consider contacting ComplexCity Spa. It is the most innovative and complete spa service that provides a multitude of different ways to improve your skin. People are not merely looking for ways to improve the way their face looks. They also need to improve their body. That’s why this company provides a complex portfolio of different cutting-edge treatments that can help you start looking your best. Here is a brief overview of the many services and products offered by ComplexCity Spa.

Reasons To Use This Company

When you visit their website, you can get an idea of how complete this spa services. It’s not just about getting a massage and facial. They use innovative techniques, and technology that can help them provide you with the best possible service. They offer skincare treatments that are second to none, as well as body treatments using advanced machines and strategies. Laser treatments can also be obtained, and if you are searching for someone to provide you with permanent makeup, this is the company you should choose.

What Skin Care Services Do They Offer?

This company offers many different skincare services, some of which you may have used before. They offer refresh oxygen treatments, ultimate glow skin rejuvenation treatments, and take advantage of LED light therapy technology. You can get a mini facial and a decolletage treatment as well. There are so many ways that you can benefit from these skincare services, and some of them involve the use of lasers.

Laser Treatments Offered By ComplexCity Spa

There are several laser treatments that are available from this company. They use Q -Switched Nd: Yag, fractionated CO2, and also carbon laser skin rejuvenation treatments. All of these are fantastic, and can help your skin look exceptionally young, regardless of your age. You may have to have several treatments to actually see a noticeable change. It depends on the condition of your skin, the type of scarring that you have, or age spots on your face. The professionals there will be able to direct you to the best choice for you in regard to the laser treatments they have available.

Body Treatments That You Should Try

Although your face is your primary concern in most cases, body procedures are also very important. There are technological advancements that have been made in recent years that can help the skin on your body look much younger. If you have any type of scarring, or if you have stretch marks, these can be resolved. They have many different options for people that would like to improve the way their skin looks. For example, if you do have stretch marks which can be unsightly, they can do stretch mark reduction treatments. They can do this for small and large areas, and they also have special offers where you can get eight treatments for 45 minutes each. They also have longer ones for more problematic stretch marks, lasting 75 minutes. The same is true for the skin tightening and body slimming treatments that they offer, helping you to tighten your skin and also reduce cellulite. Another concern that people have is the amount of hair that is on their body. If you are tired of shaving your legs, they have laser hair removal treatments. They offer single treatments for small areas, going all the way to your full body, and treatments can also last from 45 minutes to 75 minutes in length.

Permanent Makeup Options

This has become very popular in recent years, something that seems to correspond with the tattoo craze. As people have increase their focus on improving their appearance through bodywork, permanent makeup has become a strong focus. There are ways to have permanent eyebrows put into place, along with eyeliner. There are also lip liner and full lip color treatments. Once these are done, you will never have to worry about purchasing makeup again, and you will not have to waste your time putting it on. Not only will this save you time, but it’s also going to give you more confidence knowing that you will look your best every single day.

If you are looking for a spa that you can go to, you should consider ComplexCity Spa. This is a company that will definitely help you resolve any beauty concern that you may have. Whether you need to get a facial, full-body treatment, or if you would like to try the permanent makeup, you can talk to representatives about setting an appointment. Once you have done that, you will then have the ability to feel confident about going in public. You will look and feel your best courtesy of the many treatments offered by ComplexCity Spa in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Florida.

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